Make in-app navigation seamless

Give guides the power to navigate and trigger different in-app modules, scenes, and scenarios — all from the Grove dashboard. Allow for unique solo and group navigation of your app.

Pass data to all headsets

Provide guides with the ability to customize individual and group experiences in real-time. Send text, boolean, multiple-choice, and decision input to all connected devices.

Modify and sync app settings

Share experience settings and license information across all connected headsets. Have changes reflect instantly without the hassle of per-headset manual entry.

Simple set up

Just import the Grove SDK into your application, determine what inputs you want, and get started! Use our developer documentation and integration team to help you along the way.

Drag, drop, and debug with ease

Use our developer tools to customize, test, and debug your integration. Drag-and-drop SDK components for scenes, in-app actions, and settings. Test and debug directly from the session interface.

While working with Bombina Bombast for a theater VR project, I was asked if I could find a solution to manage multiple headsets and be able to trigger synced in-app events. Then, I found out about the Grove XR online platform, and with their SDK, I quickly realized it was a perfect fit for the project. I highly recommend using Grove XR for management and their SDK for new ways of telling stories.

Herman Fredlund

Tech & Cinematic Artist

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