Launch any application, web link, or online video to one or many headsets. Send devices directly to the content you want them to see — no manual menu navigation required.

Lock devices into experiences

Prevent headsets from leaving designated experiences. Toggle with a button press and prevent unexpected app exits, distractions, and confusion.


Stop any experience on one, some, or all headsets with a pause message. Easily resume where you left off, ideal for transitions and attention-grabbing.


Restart VR applications and refresh web links with ease. No need to manually exit and re-launch from inside the headset.

Navigate within applications

Navigate through in-app modules, scenes, and scenarios on all devices. Directly send headsets to specific parts of a supported application instead of relying on manual headset navigation.

Possible with the Grove Magic SDK

Tailor experiences in real-time

Trigger app-specific events. Send custom input to selected headsets. Customize individual and group experiences remotely, without disrupting the in-headset experience.

Possible with the Grove Magic SDK

Modify experience settings

Remotely change app-specific settings like difficulty, comfort level, and more for headsets in a session. Sync settings across a group of headsets instead of manually changing the settings in each headset.

Possible with the Grove Magic SDK

Free, forever, for 3 devices

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