Live headset video streams from anywhere

View a full session of live headset streams from anywhere — locally or remotely. See 50+ concurrent streams at once, or focus on one at a time with an interface flexible to your needs.

Current experience information

Know if devices are in the right experience at a glance. Get a full picture of where your devices are with connection information about their current experience and their designated one.

Real-time device details

Accessible information about each headset, including serial number, battery, current experience, and designated experience. Number or rename your devices to keep track of them during your sessions.

Relevant issues and error messages

Know exactly when things are amiss when managing in real-time, with help dialogs notifying you of installed app issues, device mismatches, needed updates, and more.

High-level device information

Keep up with all battery levels, serial numbers, and WiFi details for your headsets with our light-weight MDM. Check current session details on how your devices are connected to Grove.

Free, forever, for 3 devices

See how simple guiding VR can be