All installed apps

Manage all applications installed on your headsets, including sideloaded VR apps. View libraries for an individual headset or across all your devices.

Online videos and deep links

Send all headsets to any YouTube video, Within experience, or deep link supported content with a button press. Reduce navigation confusion of app-specific menus and get to content more quickly.

Saved web links

Launch to any website, link, or web-based VR content. Take away the hassle of typing and searching in a VR browser and provide direct navigation for your headsets.

Shareable playlists

Create, share, and follow playlists made of installed apps and saved links. Add notes and descriptions to plan out your session beforehand. Use playlists to easily navigate content during your live sessions.

Group-based install info

For any given application, see which headsets have it installed. Access group-based install info both during a session and through the Grove Library.

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