Guide sessions & devices remotely

Manage sessions in-person or remotely from anywhere in the world. See video streams and guide headsets located in the same physical location or across the globe.

Works in browser on any device

Grove can be run from any device with a browser — computers, tablets, phones, and even inside VR headsets. Connect and guide with simplicity.

Start Grove on boot

Connect headsets to Grove Sessions upon headset boot. Launch designated experiences and links as soon a device turns on. Save time on needless navigation and costly initial setup.

Collaborate with teams

Create, join, and switch between Grove Teams depending on what devices you need to manage at the moment. Keep everyone on the same page and make VR collaboration easy.

Assign devices to sessions

Move devices easily from one session to another from your dashboard. Connect and reconnect headsets with ease.

Run multiple sessions at the same time

Easily manage multiple concurrent VR sessions from one account or one team. Organize sessions for different needs, devices, and use cases.

Have multiple people guide the same session

For a single session have multiple people guide the session together. Effectively manage large numbers of devices with multiple guides.

Free, forever, for 3 devices

See how simple guiding VR can be