Live-stream student VR experiences

See what students see

Supervising VR classrooms has never been so simple. Grove provides a birds-eye view of all connected headsets' displays and applications, all in one place. Learn more about Live Streaming & Info

Maintain classroom engagement in VR

Keeping your lesson and students on track

We know how exciting – and captivating – virtual reality can be. Grove's features like launch and locking are great for guiding live VR sessions and lessons, whether for in-person or remote learning. Learn more about Grove Actions

Launch apps on headsets

Switch headset experiences without navigating menus

Pause experiences

Regain your footing in the static Grove Launcher environment

Lock focus

Avoid distractions by locking headsets into applications

Curate and manage activities

Simplified lesson planning for VR

Distill and consolidate VR content with ease. Grove makes it simple to curate, share, and manage collections of links and apps. Learn more about Grove Library

Privacy and permissions

Take control of your privacy

We understand more is not always better, especially when it comes to user privacy. That's why we've made it easy to adjust levels of headset access in Grove's Session settings. Learn more about what you can do in Grove Sessions

Guide VR with Grove

Teachers see more. Students learn more.