Supervise and protect

Keep VR a safe experience

With Grove's VR live-stream option, you can see what your kids see – whether to protect them from sensitive content, explain experiences, or just to partake in the joy of discovery. Learn more about Streaming and Info

VR for everyone

A solution for all kinds of families

Hosting with Grove lets everyone participate in virtual reality, no matter their age, mobility, or location. Learn more about Grove Sessions

Parenting in VR

Stay grounded in virtual reality

Provide guidance and support in VR just like in real life. Grove gives you the ability to launch, pause, lock, and more — all in-headset. Learn more about Grove Actions

Launch apps on headsets

Switch headset experiences without navigating menus

Pause experiences

Regain your footing in the static Grove Launcher environment

Lock focus

Avoid distractions by locking headsets into applications

Parental permissions

Balance safety and privacy

Grove gives you the power to decide how much control you need. Toggle device streaming and more in Session settings to adjust privacy levels for anything from VR play-dates to big family reunions.

Explore safely in virtual reality

Foster discovery for the entire family.