Deliver seamless service

Get context on customer experiences

See everything with Grove's many-to-one live streaming of headset experiences. Handle program restarts remotely to keep headsets on, and experiences seamless. Debugging customer issues has never been so simple.

Improve accessibility

Make virtual reality a reality for everyone

Grove helps you help others. Remotely view, launch, pause, and lock applications in headsets so everyone is included — regardless of age, experience, or mobility.Learn more about Grove Actions

Curate content

Grow your LBE offerings

Get creative with Grove Playlists and enrich your LBVRE offerings with hand-picked experiences. Completely reimagine LBVR for themed parties, corporate events, and more. Learn more about Grove Library

Simplify management

See what you need, when you need it

Grove provides the information you need to manage your location-based entertainment business efficiently. Get information from headset streams, to battery life; aggregated, or in-detail. Learn more about Streaming & Info

Supercharge your LBVRE with Grove

Better service. More fun.