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Your all-in-one tool for guiding others in VR

Live Screen Streaming & Experience Info

Live Screen Streaming & Experience Info

See what connected headsets are seeing. Know when issues arise and if devices are in the correct experience.

One-to-Many Remote Device Control

One-to-Many Remote Device Control

Launch, pause, or restart any installed app or saved link. Lock devices into designated content. Control within integrated apps.

Apps, Web Links, & Playlists

Apps, Web Links, & Playlists

Take inventory of all your installed apps, save web links for easy launching, and create shareable playlists.

Remote, Collaborative, & Simple

Remote, Collaborative, & Simple

Guide in-person and remotely, through any browser on any device. Have multiple people guide the same session.

Free, forever, for 3 devices

Set up in minutes. Guide free forever.

The VR guiding platform built for humans


  • Save time & cover more
  • Keep students on task
  • Tailor classroom experiences

New VR Users

  • Guide first-time experiences
  • Avoid initial hassle
  • Ensure positive first impression


  • Make solo more social
  • Moderate sensitive content
  • Lead shared experiences


  • Create free app dashboard
  • Customize guided app experience
  • Demo easily with groups


  • Train employees in less time
  • Personalize training in real-time
  • Improve training efficacy


  • Test with larger sample sizes
  • Set & control experiment variables
  • Ensure experimental control

Trusted around the world

Know what's really going on

Live video streams and relevant info for all headsets. Know what apps your devices are in.

We now support casting streams remotely - no local network requirement!

Learn more about Live Streaming & Info

It's all under (your) control

Launch, pause, or restart any application, web link, or video. Remote device and experience control.

Learn more about Grove Actions

Access anything and everything

Apps, links, and playlists — all in one place. See installed apps and device info for connected headsets.

Learn more about Grove Library

More VR, less hassle

One-click experience lock and transitions. Assign devices to sessions in seconds.

Learn more about Grove Sessions

Level up your VR headsets

Save time. Experience More.

For developers

Provide control of your app from the Grove dashboard

Streamline your user experience and improve efficiency. Set up the integration in an afternoon. Use free forever.

Learn more about the Grove Magic SDK